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How do I clear my cache?

ctrl/cmd + r usually gets the job done. Browser specific instructions are here.

What makes this site special?

The sharing of info is done without a database. Details about the user's browser are encoded into the shared hash, making the site both fast and private.

Can I copy it for my studio?

Please do! The source is on github, and you can customize the entire site to your liking by changing just a few variables.

What does it run on?

HTML, CSS, LESS, and JS. No backend of any kind. It’s like magic, but mostly we’re encoding the data into the hash being shared in the link.

Why make this?

I needed it as I build platforms frequently and often receive support requests from clients on behalf of their users.

Privacy and whatnot

There is no database, and the site doesn't store anything. At all. However, we use Google Analytics so that we know how many people are using the site, where they are from, and so on.

Also, there are cookies with Google Analytics. If you don’t like cookies, stop using the internet.

Who made this?

The responsible party is Topher Wilson. Send your blame and bugs to accordingly.